// phantomythography [master’s thesis]
Interrogating the intersection of ghosts, identity, automythography, memory, and space as it relates to my specific queer existence.

// DIY production culture
Evolution of digital technologies as revolutionary potential for oppositional cinemas at the level of the local community.

// refraction as a methodology
Exploring the dual property of a lens to both reflect and distort as a way of thinking life, light, and lens.

// context of camp aesthetics in the action heroine genre
Chronicling how DIY approaches in Xena’s cinematography changed the way we see the female face on screen.

// anti-bullying methods through video projects [undergraduate honors thesis]
Sharing self-positive images with classmates as a means of humanizing fellow students rather than ostracizing one another.

// animated race and voice casting practices for children’s programming
Fandom case study, looking at reactions and discussions generated by the casting of a white voice actress for the title character in The Legend of Korra.