O.K. Keyes is a graduate student at the University of South Carolina, pursuing an M.A. in Media Arts with a focus in cinematography. They have served as the director of photography for a variety of short and feature-length films, many of which focus on queer identity and range in topics from cross-dressing Civil War reenactors (Reenactress, 2014) to Buddhist-lesbian-superheroes (American Kensho, 2013). Their work has also diverged into more experimental methods, exploring the materiality of the objects they capture and the objects they use to capture. Keyes is currently working on their thesis “Phantomythography: A Young Ghost Comes of Age,” a multi-projection installation piece, which leads the audience on “ghost tour” through their experiences growing up as a queer woman in the South. Their research interests stem mostly from production culture studies, seeking to explore how oppositional cinemas, such as the DIY movement, produce fluidity in ranks and deconstruct the often hierarchal (read: patriarchal) approach to filmmaking. They suggest that these small, local communities not only create new stories but also craft new ways of storytelling. Their work has screened at venues, such as, the International CMF Hollywood Week, Indie Grits and Conundrum Music Hall.